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El Manar Desert Truffle (brown Terfezia)

El Manar Desert Truffle (brown Terfezia)

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El Mamar Desert truffle (southern Mesopotamia) is distinguished by its unique brown hue and the robust, earthy bouquet it exudes. Renowned for its firm texture and subtly nutty undertones, this prized truffle variety holds a coveted status within the realm of traditional Kurdish and Iraqi gastronomy, emerging as one of the highly sought-after species in culinary circles.

Truffles, often associated with Italy and France, actually trace their origins in foraging back to Mesopotamia, known as "the land between the two rivers" (Tigris and Euphrates), celebrated as the "cradle of civilization." Within the core of this geographical expanse lies Kurdistan, distinguished by its opulent cultural legacy and time-honored gastronomic customs, rendering it an exceptional locale for the cultivation of truffles. Over centuries, Kurdish, Assyrian, and Babylonian nomadic tribes have relied on truffles, and this tradition continues with local communities and specially trained dogs and boars today.

Truffle hunting in Mesopotamia, particularly in Kurdistan, has deep historical roots dating back to the ancient Sumerians (4,100 to 1,750 B.C.), who documented their appreciation for these fungi. The knowledge of truffle hunting has been passed down through generations, becoming an integral part of Iraqi society's culinary identity.

In Kurdish and Arab regions, truffles play a significant role in culture and tradition. Truffle hunting is a communal event, fostering bonding, storytelling, and knowledge sharing. Truffles are incorporated into various dishes, from stir-fries to stews, desserts, and more, enhancing the culinary experience. Truffle season aligns with the Kurdish new year, Newroz, symbolizing rejuvenation, abundance, and prosperity, celebrated with feasts and festivities.

Respect for nature and sustainability are crucial in truffle hunting, ensuring the delicate ecosystem is preserved for future generations. Deluxe Truffles employs traditional hunters who maintain this balance, leading to limited seasonal quantities of high-quality truffles.

Kurdistan's mountainous terrain and moderate climate provide an ideal habitat for truffle growth. Truffle hunters explore the picturesque landscapes, searching for prized truffle species like Dumbalan and El Mamar, while celebrating with cooking and dancing.

In Western and Southern Iraq, the lower Mesopotamian plains benefit from fertile soil and a favorable climate for truffle growth. Truffle hunters with expert skills and truffle-sniffing dogs uncover these treasures in farmlands and palm groves along the ancient Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

The truffle harvesting season varies by region, with late February to mid-March in Kurdistan and mid-January to late February in Western and Southern Iraq. With unwavering dedication, Deluxe Truffles diligently undertakes the intricate process of swiftly hunting, harvesting, and delivering these exquisite treasures to you. This formidable endeavor is further compounded by the intricate challenges posed by climate, political factors, and the inherently elusive nature of truffles., making it essential for clients to act quickly when notified about truffle availability. 

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